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József Hatvany Doctoral School for Computer Science and Engineering offers the opportunity to pursue a doctoral degree to those with a master’s degree who are interested in research and development in applied and theoretical computer science, system automatizationor logistics. Candidates interested in scientific research and development participate in high-level research and pursue PhD degree work in the field of information sciences.

To begin studies, a master’s degree, primarily from fields of informatics, automatization, electro engineering or logistics, is required. Participating is possible in forms of organized and individual preparation. During the organized studies candidates get acquainted with the state of the art of their chosen field through studying the publications and prepare for performing their own, supervised research work. Also learn methods and requirements of performing independent research work. They publish their results in renowned conferences and journals. Results of the research work will be summarized in a doctoral thesis and defended during a public presentation.

The doctoral school is mainly active in developing and using methods required for digitalizing the modern industry, including utilization and developing the required mathematical and electronical backround knowledge.

Mrs Katalin Gergely Csire – katalin.csirene@uni-miskolc.hu

Programme structure

Read more: www.uni-miskolc.hu/phd-information-science-and-technology

Career opportunities

Since Computer science is at the core of research in major international companies and also many small and medium enterprises that create technologies and applications for the future, PhD graduates can easily find a position in the industry, but also at research institutes and at universities.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment