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In the frame of the high-standard full-time Materials Engineering MSc program students are not only provided with a thorough theoretical foundation but emphasis is also put on improving their engineering skills through the Faculty’s active and extensive relations with top companies.

The widely recognized Materials Engineering program is particularly useful for the next generation of factory/plant engineers and chemical technological engineers as it represents a deep, theoretical and practical knowledge of the given specialization.

It is a unique training with a focus on polymer engineering and chemical technological engineering (which are the two specializations of the MSc program).

Materials engineers are able to develop different polymer materials, composites, they can manage the recycling of the polymer materials as well.

SPECIALIZATIONS: Polymer engineering and chemical technological engineering.

Ms Henriett Tóth –

Programme structure

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Career opportunities

Material engineers deal with the structure, properties and usability of the materials found in our objects of use and high-tech devices around us, examine and classify the materials, and develop and operate innovative technologies.
Our graduates work for successful domestic and international small, medium and large companies, including in the driving sectors of Europe, such as the internationally competitive automotive and chemical industries.

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Not available for applying at the moment