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The objectives of the programme are to train engineers who are capable of conceiving the processes and structures of machines and machinery, and modelling, planning, operating and maintaining them. They are prepared to take part in the development of machine industry technologies, new materials and production technologies, considering also environmental aspects.
The programme is designed for individuals who are in possession of firm base knowledge on the field of CAD/CAM theory and practice and would like to deepen their knowledge and gain additional theoretical and practical experience on the subject and, furthermore, including the opportunity for applying their CAD/CAM knowledge on the field of machine design.

Mrs Katalin Gergely Csire –

Programme structure

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Career opportunities

Graduates are able to carry out innovative tasks and participate in engineering projects in Hungary and worldwide. Design engineers are demanded at almost any fields of industry, e.g. vehicle manufacturing, machine manufacturing, production engineering, etc.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment