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Program description:
This programme aims to provide geological and geophysics engineers with the technical knowledge and engineering solutions needed for the exploration and management of subsurface and raw mineral resources, as well as for carrying out environmental assessments and the remediation of environmental contamination. Students are trained to manage situations in creative ways, to plan and complete mineral exploration projects, and to apply the pioneering exploration methods and techniques. The Earth sciences engineering, focusing on applied geology and geophysics is closely linked to mineral exploration and development in different fields of extractive industries: hydrocarbon, metallic minerals, industrial minerals, aggregates. Since the extractive industry is among the most globalized ones in our time, this training program gives a great advantage if the graduates learn and practice the subjects in the generally accepted language of profession, in English.

Entry requirements:
Entry requirement is BSc or BEng degree (minimum 6 semesters) in Gelogy, Geophysics, Geological engineering, Earth Sciences, Earth Sciences engineering, Environmental engineering, or 10 semesters program in Mining engineering

Entrance exam:

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Entrance exam description:
Online interview focusing on the professional skills, background and motivation of the applicant. It is done before a committee of 3 members. Assessment guidelines: BSc school achievements, (40%), professional and motivational conversation (60%) (professional knowledge, the topic of the thesis, relavance (40%) , communication and technical language skill in English (20%).

Ms Henriett TÓTH

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Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment