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At the University of Szeged, the Doctoral School of Pharmaceutical Sciences founded in 2000 and gained full accreditation in the discipline of pharmaceutical sciences in 2002, which allowed doctoral training and obtaining an academic degree, and ensured academic recruitment.

The exceptional capacity of the Faculty of Pharmacy forms the foundation of the strategy of the Doctoral School. The faculty provides great opportunity to conduct complex pharmaceutical research as its institutes (Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Institute of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Department of Pharmacognosy, Institute of Pharmacodynamics and Biopharmacy, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Drug Regulatory Affairs) and their Doctoral Schools can practically cover the whole range of pharmaceutical research.

Namely, the institutes and their Doctoral Schools can carry out synthesis of active substances; isolation of natural compounds; pharmacological and biopharmaceutical analysis; pharmaceutical formulation, admission by the authorities; and assess both community and clinical analysis of pharmacovigilance data and pharmaceutical utilization. Students can engage in pharmaceutical research according to their interest but at the same time, they have the opportunity to attend courses where they can gain extensive knowledge of other fields of science. Besides pharmacists, potential students of the Doctoral School are chemists, chemistry or biology teachers, biologists and physicians.

The 5 programmes of the Doctoral School form a close unit and represent the institutional structure of the Faculty of Pharmacy. The DS is strongly focused on international and foreign language education, welcoming graduates of the English section of the faculty, students in the frame of Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship, and others.

The Doctoral School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (like 4 other Doctoral Schools) is part of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Doctoral Programme at the University of Szeged, so it is an essential unit of the doctoral training of the university.

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Application requirements: MSc, MD or MPharm degree in related fields, a demonstrated proficiency in English (B2/intermediate or equivalent international language exam), an individual interview online.

László Karácsonyi

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Programme structure

The programme provides students with the understanding of the relevant fields of biology, chemistry and physics, medicine, and professional pharmacy subjects. During the course of the programme, there is also a focus on developing skills, such as technical knowledge, dexterity, communication and computer skills. Graduates usually pursue careers in pharmaceutical or chemical industries at pharmaceutical companies, laboratories or at hospitals.
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