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Kindergarten Educator Training offers the training of future professionals who possess theoretically based knowledge, skills and competences of pedagogy in order to complete the tasks of pre-school education. The aim is to train experts who are capable of and dedicated to educating 3-6-year-old children, after acquiring profound theoretical knowledge, competencies and skills.

The task of the training is the expansion and renewal of the participants’ knowledge, the methodological shaping in the application of practical skills within the areas of interpreting integrated pre-school activities, complex and differentiated planning, organization and management. By the methodological culture and with conscious, psychologically, pedagogically and methodologically appropriate planning of the age-specific activity structure, the course will provide the students with optimal conditions for the development of children.

Strength of program
One main feature of the program is to provide the top-level theoretical and practical knowledge on the field of early childhood education. In 2017 our faculty was the Number 1 on the list of kindergarten educators’ trainings in Hungary.

Feedback about finding a workplace is very assuring; our students have had a great selection to choose from in the past years.

The Research Lab conducts research and organizes several events for students and practising teachers, such as Workshops for Kindergarten Educators’ or Play Lab for pedagogical practitioners and parents.

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Programme structure

Find the detailed structure of the program on the website of the Faculty

Career opportunities

Our graduates will be able to plan and manage effectively process-related pedagogical activities which support child-centered, differentiated development which helps the unfolding of personality–while complying with the relevant educational documentation – using their acquired theoretical and practical knowledge during the course.

Our graduates will be able to teach 3-6-year-old children possessing knowledge in psychology, pedagogy, methodology and language skills, can apply activities effectively to the needs, motivation and way of thinking.

The kindergarten educator degree entitles the holder to fulfil positions at pre-schools under different ownership (local council, church foundation and private). The qualification enables our graduates to continue their studies at MA level.

Job examples
Day-Care Teacher, Kindergarten Educator

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States