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This BSc programme offers the knowledge of material engineers who are able to interpret and control the chemical processes in the materials, to test and to inspect the characteristics and the structure of the materials in order to change them by the use of various technologies, and to control and organize the material production technological processes in order to provide the required high-quality of materials in mass production. The students of this study program will acquire in-depth theoretical knowledge that is adequate to enable them to continue with their studies in the graduate, master level.

Programme structure

During their studies students are required to take up to 210 credits, each semester totaling 30 credits.
The modules of the study course include subject on the following areas: the structure and characteristics of the materials, coating technologies, the chemistry of metals, ceramics, polymers, metal technology, production technology, heat and fluid dynamics, heat treatment and surface treatment, waste processing, ceramics technologies, chemistry and material science, composites, melting of alloys, environmental protection and energetics, mechanics, quality control, casting processes, polymer technology, knowledge of standards, tool design, technological modelling, characteristics and structure testing.
In the final semester students are required to accomplish their final degree projects and write their thesis.

Career opportunities

This qualification provides employment opportunities in the following sectors of industry:
metallurgy, electronics industry, chemical industry, energy industry and machinery engineering.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment