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PhDDoctoral School of Enterpreneurship and Business Sciences

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The training program of our Doctoral School invites graduate students primarily with a
master’s degree in business and management, but it is open to applicants with a master’s
degree in related social sciences and Business administration as well intending to pursue
studies in entrepreneurship and business. Due to its profile, our Doctoral School tends to fill
a gap, since this is the first doctoral program in Hungary where the training and research
curricula focus straightforward on business and management issues of small and mediumsized
companies and family businesses. We offer an educational and training program based
on applied sciences from which those interested in an academic carrier and those associated
with everyday business practice, or even those having an MBA degree may benefit. Our
doctoral school invites both applicants who have just accomplished their MA degree and
those who have obtained practical experience for several years.
The curricula and the quality management of our doctoral program support our aims namely
to help our doctoral students to get their doctoral degrees in the shortest possible time frame
(four+ years). The guiding principle of the curricula and the teaching materials include the
approach and requirements of applied sciences. Our high-level theoretical teaching program
focuses on the foundations of research methodology. The subjects that are in line with the
entrepreneurship and business profile of our Doctoral School are based on this theoretical
and methodological groundwork.
Our students accomplishing the doctoral program will acquire theoretical, methodological
and practical knowledge and skills that allow them to pursue applied research, to analyse
entrepreneurial, economic and financial phenomena and processes with a scientific
background and to solve problems in the world of science, the real economy and in the
public sphere. With the knowledge and skill obtained, our graduates may become successful
as highly skilled and innovative analysts, managers or entrepreneurs.

Programme structure

In order to obtain all 240 credits, the PhD student carries out the following activities:
studying subjects, conducting research, publishing articles and conference papers,
andmteaching under the guidance of the scientific leader. A total of 10% of the credits can
be obtained through directed teaching in a Bachelor Program.
The doctoral program is divided into two stages: (1) training-research phase (4 semesters)
(2) research dissertation phase (4 semesters). 240 credits are required to complete the
program (for the absolutorium). The breakdown of activities and credits at each stage are
the following:
Phase 1 Traini ng-Research Phase (4 semesters, 155 credits)
• Studies (12 subjects = 75 credits)
• Research (40 credits)
• Publication (40 credit s)
• Teaching*
Phase 2 Research – Dissertation Phase (4 semesters, total 95 credits)
• Complex exam (15 credits)
• Research (20 credits)
• Publication (50 credit s)
• Teaching*
In the first s tage, the student focuses on his/her studies and research, but also performs
publishing activities. The student completes his/her studies with a complex exam. Every six
months, the student has to submit his/her research results first in a written essay that he/she
also has to present orally. In the second stage, the publication activity comes to the fore.
Publication requirements include at least two conference attendances and at least four
journal articles as detailed in the training plan.
*The PhD student teaches in the Bachelor prog ramme under the guidance of the scientific

Career opportunities

With the knowledge and skill obtained, our graduates may become successful
as highly skilled and innovative analysts, managers or entrepreneurs.

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