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Programme description:
This discipline provides you an extensive understanding of international markets and teaches you managing cross-border transactions that support business development. Learn how business is conducted in an international environment and discover the links between international business management and the financial, technological, political forces affecting the world economy. At the end 2 semesters of internship – one of these has to be absolved abroad.
You will be able to work in a local or international environment, to apply decision techniques and methods when preparing business decisions. Multinational corporations, banks or international business companies, as well as governmental agencies or consultancy firms – these might be your future workplaces.

Entry requirements:
high school/secondary school graduation certificate or equivalent

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
The entrance examination takes place in the context of a Skype-interview. The applicant will be informed about the appointment and the requirements in advance. Possible time differences will be taken into consideration. The applicant will also be informed about the whole entrance examination process by the contact person in charge. The application and admission documents of each applicant will be handed over to the members of the examination committee in advance for the purpose of getting acquainted with the applicants. During the Skype-interview, the committee members get to know the language competence and the professional knowledge of the applicant which will be rated on a 100-point scale. This score will be forwarded to the Hungary Helps Agency.

Ms. Hajnalka Tamasi
Judit Pappné Vancsó
Faculty International Officer

Programme structure

International Business Economics
Duration of studies: 8 semesters
Study mode: full time
The aim of the programme is to provide students up-to-date knowledge in the field of foreign economics, international relations, business negotiation techniques, etc. In possession of these, students become able to work as middle level managers at companies dealing with foreign trade, or be active in bigger international organisations, multinational companies.
1. Law-Economics and General Mathematics I. Management Microeconomics Communications and Presentation Environmental Economics
2. Macroeconomics Statistics I. Finance Marketing Corporate Economics Leadership and Organisation Elective courses: actually offered
3. Statistics II. Accounting I. International Economics International Finances Corporate Finances Elective courses: actually offered
4. Accounting II. Business Informatics Economics of the EU Local Economic Development Logistics International Trade Relations International Diplomacy Connections Elective courses: actually offered
5. Business Planning Poject Management HR Management Intercultural Management World Economics Moduls to be choosen
6. International Negotiation Techniques International Institutions Political Geography Foreign Trade Techniques Management of Tenders Protocoll and Etiquette Moduls to be choosen
7. Internship
8 Internship and Thesis

Career opportunities

Qualification: Economist BA level

Career opportunities: trading and logistic companies, multinational corporations, consulting firms, diplomacy, international services, etc.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment