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The Academic Program offered by the Faculty of Pharmacy leads to the degree of Biotechnologist. The program provides deep theoretical understanding of natural sciences with hands on experience in cutting edge technologies in biotechnology. The diploma issued by the Faculty of Pharmacy is accepted by all European Union member states and several other countries. The program aims to educate students to become immediately employable after graduation, hence industrial or research laboratory placements for sufficient work experience are integral part of the program. Using state of the art laboratory techniques students can also experience laboratory research and have a great variety of further education possibilities to choose from in medical, pharmaceutical, environmental and food biotechnology. The Biotechnologist BSc diploma entitles its holder to work at industrial test laboratories, industrial research and development laboratories, work in production for the pharma or biotechnology industry or work for contract research laboratories in small biotechnology companies or research institutes. But the graduates will be fully equipped with knowledge to pursue a career in biostatistics and bioanalytics. If they choose to do so, graduates can enroll into Biotechnology MSc, Biomedical Engineering MSc, Clinical Laboratory Scientist MSc, etc programs at the University of Pecs or other further education programs of Universities in the European Union or in a wide variety of countries after graduation. As the program is only taught in English, it also provides a vibrant international environment to study in.

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Applicants have to take an oral entrance exam either electronically (by Skype interview) or in person in Pécs. The entrance exam interview consists of questions on motivation, as well as on Biology and Chemistry.

Ms Lívia Csidei
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Programme structure

The diploma program consists of three years of basic and special studies. The first year and a half are devoted to basic sciences. The program provides essential knowledge in the foundation module in general, inorganic and organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, physics and biophysics, plant, animal and human biology and physiology, as well as mathematics.
Special studies involve biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, genetic manipulation, immunology, basics in pharmaceutical, medical, food and environmental biotechnology, data management, analysis and biostatistics.
In the 6th semester students must submit a written Thesis, and in the 5th-6th semester they are engaged for 6 weeks in a practical training program in industry or in a research laboratory.

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Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment