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Program description:
The aim of the programme is to train highly qualified graduates who are able to understand and analyse the international economical processes as well as prepare, make and controll decisions in the area of international ecomomy and business. The programme covers a wide range of theoretical knowledge (Advanced Micro- and Macroeconomics, International Economics, International political economy, Research methodology etc.) along with practical skills (English Language for the Business Sector, Analyses of Regional Integration, etc.) which is the main profile of the Faculty. The aim is to combine both marco- and microeconomical courses thet can help the students to gain a wide and deep understanding of complex international economical and financial processes.

The programme will enable students to:

- scrutinize and envisage international economic tendencies
- prepare, make, and control decisions international economic and business contexts
- conduct economics analysis with international scope for enterprises and organizations
Graduates will have sufficient expert knowledge to start doctoral studies:
- analysing and forecasting changes/tendencies in economic and institutional ecosystems

Graduates will be competent in:
- working as team members in decision-making at managerial level
- working as researcher experts or managers at both multinational and SMS companies or in public administration or international institutions as managers, experts or researchers
- plan and manage market entry strategies
- hold negotiations with financial institutions and government agencies
- act as business developers in multinational global chains

Entry requirements:
1. Secondary school leaving certificate and Bachelor degree related to the field of the Master programme
2. B2 (IELTS 6.0) English language knowledge, proved by internationally accepted language examination system (e.g.: IELTS, TOEFL, WAEC, etc.)
3. Transcript of bachelor studies

Entrance exam:
The entrace exam consists of two parts. On one hand, the applicants’ previous studies are evaluated (based on the transcripts and the final secondary certificate/high school diploma), motivation letter and any additional documents are checked as well. On the other hand, applicants need to participate in an online admission interview. During this interview applicants need to prove their English language skills and also their suitability for their chosen program.

Type of entrance exam:

Entrance exam location:


Minimum number of scholarship holders:

Maximum number of scholarship holders:

Programme structure—342

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Not available for applying at the moment