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Program description:
The Food Science Doctoral School Programme aims to provide the opportunity to obtain a doctoral degree (PhD) in the field of food chemistry and biochemistry of the food chain, food safety, food quality assurance, quality characterisation and quality preservation, food technology and biotechnology, food process measurement and automation.

Entry requirements:
MSc degree in a relevant subject area, min. B2 level of English

Entrance exam:

Entrance exam description:
During the selection process, human and professional habit, scientific background and accomplishment, degree qualification are taken into consideration. There will be a Skype interview with the selected ones.

Dr. Gabriella Kiskó
Secretary of Doctoral School

It is highly recommended to get in contact with the doctoral school before the application is submitted.


Minimum quota: 1
Maximum quota: 15

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment